Webix - JavaScript UI Framework with HTML5 UI Components 跨瀏覽器的UI元件的JavaScript庫 thumb

Webix - JavaScript UI Framework with HTML5 UI Components 跨瀏覽器的UI元件的JavaScript庫

Webix - JavaScript UI Framework with HTML5 UI Components 是群昱公司代理的跨瀏覽器的UI元件的JavaScript庫。

分類: 元件開發軟體

JavaScript UI library for speeding up 

web development

92 UI widgets and feature-rich CSS / HTML5 JavaScript controls

Complete solution in a single bundle

Flexible and rich forms

You can choose among more than 30 controls during form creating. There are various input fields, versatile select boxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons as well as stylish buttons and toggles.

    view:"form", width:300,
        { view:"segmented",
          options:["General Info", "History"]
        { view:"text",
        { view:"text",
          value:"Barrington Court 112"
        { view:"text",
          value:"€ 3 860 000"
        { view:"datepicker",
          value: new Date(2017,8,1)

Why use Webix UI library?

Understandable logic

By using Webix JS framework you receive an elegant and lightweight code based on object-oriented programming concepts.

JavaScript frameworks and libraries integration

Associate your project with jQuery JavaScript library, MVC frameworks AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js, third party UI extensions.

Fast performance for big datasets

Your web applications will work fast even with massive DataTables, Trees, Lists, etc. due to paging and dynamic loading.

Cross platform and browser support

Build HTML5 web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones with touch screen interface which work in all major browsers.

Pure JavaScript

Full client side solution for animated or highly interactive dashboards due to the instant updates of HTML5 components.

Web accessibility

HTML5 UI library meets WAI-ARIA standards and adds accessibility support for those who need assistive technologies.

Simple server side interaction

All backend technologies can communicate with our JavaScript UI framework, besides you can use solutions for Java, PHP, .NET.

Unlimited extensibility

Customize available components and create new ones — you can modify all component's options with no loss of functionality.

Complex widgets

Webix offers a number of complex widgets designed for tasks in various fields. Customise and use complex widgets for interactive reports, complex calculations, advanced data filtering and workflow control.

Data widgets

Data Management widgets provide various data manipulation features, such as all-in-one-piece data loading, CRUD operations, fast data sorting, on-the-fly filtering, grouping and styling.

With the help of Data widgets, you can organize and present large amounts of data in a clear and structured way. Data can be put in scrollable and sortable tables, or listed.

Visualization widgets

Visualization widgets facilitate a distinct display of the relationships between various data items in the form of clear and visually appealing chart types like line, spline, area, bar, pie, 3D pie, donut, scatter, and radar.

Navigation widgets

Navigation widgets simplify your end-users’ journey around the web app with the help of visually appealing, multifunctional toolbars and drop down menus.

Windows and popups

Windows and Popups widgets help you emphasize important information to end-users. They have practically the same properties and methods as desktop components, making interactions with users very easy.


Layout widgets define the structure and appearance of a web page by arranging other UI widgets rationally and in a visually appealing manner. These Webix widgets also allow to divide pages into sections with embedded widgets, or facilitate their placement into space-saving switching panels.


Webix has more than 30 stylish and functional controls for user-app interaction. Controls make the communication between end users and your web app simple and intuitive. Controls include fields for entering text and numeric values, combos for selecting options, calendars for selecting date and time, color-pickers, etc.