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OmniGraffle 7 for Mac 繪圖軟體

OmniGraffle 7 for Mac是一套圖表繪圖軟體,可以用來繪製圖表,流程圖,組織結構圖以及插圖,也可以用來來組織頭腦中思考的資訊,組織頭腦風暴的結果,繪製心智圖,作為樣式管理器,或設計網頁或PDF檔案的原型。

分類: 繪圖軟體

OmniGraffle 7用於創造精確美觀的圖像:網站線框圖、電氣系統、族譜和軟體課程地圖。專業藝術家和設計師、臨時數據製圖人員和初級製圖人員的人都可以在OmniGraffle 7中找到新體驗。您可以將訊息中的微小元素或模型快速分享給朋友,或以您需要的格式輸出。OmniGraffle的特色是什麼? 初學者容易掌握,但在需要時已準備好。 使用者介面友善,功能強大,完美整合Mac,並且完美研發團隊。

Pro for Mac

OmniGraffle Professional 擁有標準版本中所有功能,以及專為居家設計或使用圖形工作的人士所設計。


  • Shared Layers
  • Artboard Layers
  • Resolution Independence
  • Tables


  • Artboard Presentation Mode
  • Keyboard Shortcut Set Export/Import
  • Interactive Actions
  • Mouseless Editing


  • Non-destructive Shape Combinations
  • Convert Lines to Shapes
  • Convert Text to Shapes
  • Blending Modes
  • Fill Effects


  • Object Notes
  • Key:Value Pair Metadata
  • Diagramming Subgraphs


  • Automation with JavaScript or AppleScript
  • SVG Export
  • Visio Import & Export
  • Xcode Project Import


Explain anything from a simple family tree to a complex systems theory with a diagram. Use charts to represent data and processes with symbols, graphics, and connecting lines. Diagramming in OmniGraffle is made extremely easy with powerful tools—automatic, robust, and ready for styling.


Shared Layers are most often things that you want on each Canvas that won’t be changed often, but need to be easy to change when you do—they make sharing common assets easy. Headers, footers, logos — things like that. 


Use artboards and Artboard Layers for organizing your document and, on the Mac, setting up elements for exporting. They uniquely alter your interactions with elements above them by making moves quick and easy: anything contained in or on an artboard will be moved at the same time.


When Canvases become cluttered, subgraphs are the easiest way to clean them up. Subgraphs enable you to collapse graphics that don’t need to be shown all the times, but remain a click away.

Files, I/O

Visio 輸入與輸出

We put a lot of work into our Visio® support. OmniGraffle can read files, templates, and stencils: .vsd, .vsdx, .vdx, .vst, .vtx, .vss, .vsx. While OmniGraffle does import both binary and XML formats, OmniGraffle exports as XML.

SVG 輸出

Export using Artboards, or Copy As SVG to paste into an HTML document or supported app.

HTML 圖像地圖

Combine your graphics with Actions and then export as an Image Map. Action Links are preserved to quickly navigate your exported document in a web browser.


For mockup demonstrations, full-screen unveilings, or meetings, use Presentation Mode to cycle through your documents’ Canvases and Artboards. Zoom in (just like when editing the Canvas) or add Actions to objects for more control.


Use the keyboard to move from one shape to the next without ever touching your mouse or Trackpad. Great for editing text.


Convert to a table by pressing Command-Shift-T, then add additional columns and rows any direction as needed.

 JavaScript 或 AppleScript自動化

Cross-platform scripting for both iOS and macOS with JavaScript. Write automation once and run it everywhere. Create Plug-Ins, scripts, and get more done, faster. Plus, good, old-fashioned AppleScript on Mac.


Set up actions to hide layers, switch to or zoom in on a different view or canvas, and even run a script.


In Pro, export your customized Keyboard Shortcut Sets to share with others.


Non-destructively unite, intersect, and subtract objects. Uncombine later to make changes to the original shapes.


The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects to add an extra flick to the swash of your ‘g’ descender.


Turn a line’s stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points so you can give it a gradient or fill effect.


Use standard graphic blending modes for additional “filters” that you can layer on to objects.


Give an object a distortion effect that can change whatever is below it: blur, pixelate, or magnify. Pair this with blend modes for even more of those must-have effects.


For when you’re designing for multiple screens—on multiple screens. When zoom is at 100%, match a screen pixel, Apple point, or PostScript point. All your design work will look the same on all your displays.


Combine the Point Editor Tool and the Geometry Inspector (or Mini Inspector!) to change the X and Y coordinates of any point on the object.


Any object on the canvas can have its own identification and metadata. A name, a note, a bunch of key:value pairs—even it’s own attached AppleScript or JavaScript. Use these for interactions later on, too.

Stencils: 定位偏好 NEW IN 7.6

Some workflows require different sidebar configurations, and the Stencil location matters. Now OmniGraffle lets you set a preference for your Stencils—located either on the left, with the Sidebar, or on the right, with the Inspectors.

Stencils: 查看選項 NEW IN 7.6

The default Stencil view in 7.6 changed: objects are viewed in a grid. You can toggle between grid, list, and canvas, and the background color can be switched between the Canvas color, white, and black. Non-printing layers are also hidden by default.

使用JavaScript or AppleScript進行自動化NEW IN 7.4

Use the familiar language of JavaScript to automate nearly the entirety of OmniGraffle. Build Plug-Ins to fill in objects with lorem ipsum or images, drawing new content based on interactions, and more! 

It’s coming in OmniGraffle 3 for iOS, too, for cross-platform Plug-Ins!


畫布尺寸模式 NEW IN 7.4

Three canvas modes that cover each and every document you make:

  • Fixed: exactly the dimensions you choose.
  • Flexible: decide which way you’d like the canvas to grow. New objects expand the canvas—just enough—in those directions.
  • Infinite Canvas: never worry about width or height again. The canvas grows in any direction.



For mockup demonstrations, full-screen unveilings, or meetings, use Presentation Mode to cycle through your documents’ Canvases and Artboards. Zoom in (just like when editing the Canvas) or add Actions to objects for more control.



Touch Bar controls make common actions quicker by bringing the controls closer to you. Want to add an object, change a color, or rotate? The Touch Bar is there with exactly the controls you need.


從文本轉換到形狀 PRO

The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects.

畫板和畫板層 PRO

Work faster than ever with artboards. They’re great for organizing and setting up advanced, exportable elements, and uniquely alter interactions with elements above them.

從線條轉換到形狀 PRO

You’ve always needed it, but never knew how much. Turn a line’s stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points.



Immediate access to each and every point on each and every shape. For Pro users, any adjustment will automatically convert it to a Bézier shape.


基本 SVG 輸出

Yes, finally! It’s been a long time coming, but we couldn’t wait any longer to build in SVG import.



Layers share space with objects, groups, and canvases. Plus, quick access to a whole lot of relevant actions, double-click to rename anything, and expandable groups.



It’s incredibly easy to go from multi-canvas documents to perfectly named and sorted assets—in multiple resolutions—in just a few steps. Batch export. Expand to fill a set size. Preview exports.



Make OmniGraffle yours — customize every menu bar command and tool, or choose from industry standard configurations you prefer.



Add text to follow the stroke of any shape. Use Text Flow to position your text anywhere on the outer edge of shapes.



A contextual life

Keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. And do it all much faster than before.


OmniPlan Pro 3 offers advanced tools wrapped up in a complete, start-to-finish project management app.

OmniOutliner 5 Essentials

A minimal, focused outlining experience for Mac.

Welcome to the world of structured writing: whether you’re taking notes, making lists, brainstorming, or starting your book, OmniOutliner is for you.


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