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LIMDEP 11 計量經濟學軟體

LIMDEP 11是一套群昱公司代理的經濟計量分析軟體,針對線性和非線性模型、橫截面、時間序列和panel data的評價和分析的一套整合性軟體,它主要特點是內置超過一百種所有估計形式的線性迴歸模型、stochastic frontier、離散選擇和有限因變量模型,包含的模型有censored、truncated、binary、count、survival、disc rete和連續變量和各種的樣本選擇模型。

分類: 統計分析軟體

LIMDEP 11 Statistical Software Package

What’s New in LIMDEP Version 11 Software?

LIMDEP Version 11 continues the expansion of our premier software for cross section, panel data and time series analysis. Version 11 contains major new extensions to the program for estimation and statistical analysis of econometric models and a long list of new models and features. New features include:

Stochastic Frontier Models

LIMDEP 11 new stochastic frontier model tools

  • New parametric specifications
  • Normal-Rayleigh
  • New FIML estimator for sample selection correction
  • Sample selection with panel data
  • Partially inefficient latent class stochastic frontier model

Panel Data Stochastic Frontier Models

  • Rayleigh model
  • Belotti and Ilardi partial differences
  • True fixed and random effects
  • Wikstrom method of moments
  • Generalized true random effects

LIMDEP 11 new panel data stochastic frontier model tools

New Partial Effects and Simulation Tools

LIMDEP 11 new partial effects and simulation tools

  • New graphical devices
  • Transition matrices for categorical variables
  • Krinsky and Robb method for standard errors
  • Extended to more models

Expanded Graphics


  • Overlay histograms with box plots or kernel density estimators
  • Group up to 4 histograms

Box Plots

  • Up to 40 plots in one figure
  • New BOXPLOTS command
  • Simultaneous plots

Bubble Plots

Kernel Density Estimator

  • Several new specifications for plotting kernel density estimators
  • Simultaneous plots

LIMDEP 11 expanded graphics

Treatment Effects Procedures

LIMDEP 11 new treatment effects procedures

  • Endogenous treatment effects
  • FIML estimation for probit, ordered probit, Poisson and negative binomial

New Tools for Estimation and Inference

New Analysis Tools

  • Over 30 new CREATE functions for panel data transformations
  • Dozens of new functions for CALCULATE and MATRIX
  • New random number generators

More Models and Features

  • Cluster covariance matrices for all models
  • Inverse hyperbolic sine model
  • Fractional regression for cross section and panel data
  • New panel data functions for MAXIMIZE

LIMDEP 11 New Tools for Estimation and Inference

Data Descriptive Devices

  • Obtain separate strata means for stratified data
  • New commands for correlation matrices
  • New TABLE command for descriptive statistics by strata
  • New commands for quantiles and frequencies
  • New Cronbach’s alpha correlation device

Character Data

  • Observation labels
  • Labellists
  • Observation tags

Loglinear Models

  • Generalized beta of the second kind
  • Generalized gamma model

Enhanced EXECUTE and Procedures

  • New specifications for bootstrap and jackknife iterations
  • Block bootstrap for panel data

Comparing Alternative Specifications of a Model

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