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Exclaimermail utilities 郵件通訊軟體

Exclaimer mail utilities 是一套群昱公司代理的郵件通訊軟體,一個全面性、由易於使用的規則管理的系統Emailware工具,讓您可以管理且保護組織的電子郵件通訊。結合許多有利於電子郵件通信的功能,像是電子郵件免責聲明、電子郵件商標、電子郵件簽章、自動回覆、轉寄、阻擋垃圾郵件、對抗垃圾郵件 和病毒的模組。Exclaimer Mail Utilities不僅僅是電子郵件的實用解決方案,它也可以使複雜的任務變的極其簡單,可自動的將解決手動任務,讓您工作效率提升。

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Centralize Your Email Signatures

  • Create a signature template design using text, images and dynamic fields. Use rules to assign different templates for different needs. Click 'Save' and you're done
  • As each email is processed at the Exchange server, Mail Utilities evaluates your rules, fills out your dynamic fields and updates the email
  • Data for the dynamic fields can come from the message, the sender, the recipient, the server or even an external source such as your social media content
  • Mail Utilities is our comprehensive, Award Winning Exchange 2003 signature software solution

Signatures As They Should Be

Central Control - When you create or edit a template, we'll update every signature to match. You change an image, every image in everyone's email signature changes – or text, format, layout and more.

Any Device - If it has your domain at the end, it has your signature. Every email sent, no matter what it's sent from, will have it: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone – they all show it just the same.

Contact Details Auto-Filled - You add a field, like 'display name', and we'll complete it for each user's signature using the most trusted database you have – your AD. Your company runs on it, so your signatures might as well too.

But not Every User - Let marketing put a Twitter 'Follow' link under their contact details but give sales some flashier graphics. Use different signature designs for the different demands in your business.


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