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Edraw Max 流程圖繪製軟體

Edraw Max是一套群昱公司代理的流程圖繪製軟體,新穎小巧,功能強大,可以很方便的繪製各種專業的流程圖、組織結構圖、網路拓撲圖、思維導圖、商業圖表、科學設計圖等。。它在設計時採用全拖曳式操作,並提供各種圖形範本庫並結合實例範本庫,最大限度的簡化用戶的工作量;強大的圖文混排和所見即所得的列印輕鬆定制專業圖表。

分類: 編程開發軟體

Templates let you go fast. Get inspired and start your design quickly by choosing from thousands of our professionally designed templates.
Powerful file compatibility allows you to export and share your drawing in a variety of familiar file formats, such as PDF, Word, PPT, JPEG, Html, etc.
Find symbols, icons and shapes to fit any purpose from over 50000 vector built-in graphics. Easy to further edit the symbols upon your needs.
Smart and dynamic toolkits allows you to customize every detail with flexible choices and in fast speed. Helps to increase your productivity at work.

Make your messages alive through diagrams and graphics
Edraw Max Overwier
Based on cloud storage, Edraw Max lets you view its work on any device and share anywhere through Html links
Provides all visualization solutions, from diagram drawing, graphic design, to data visualization. Widely used in business, education, and social organizations

Edraw max 可應用於以下繪圖種類:

  1. Flowchart 流程圖

  2. Mind Map心智圖

  3. Chart and Graph圖表和圖形

  4. Floor Plan平面圖

  5. Marketing Chart行銷圖表

  6. Organizational Chart組織圖

  7. Engineering Diagram工程圖

  8. Circuit Diagram電路圖

  9. BPMN Diagram企業流程圖

  10. SDL Diagram資料庫綱要圖

  11. Network Diagram網絡圖

  12. Cisco Network Design思科網路設計

  13. Cause and Effect Diagram

  14. Family Tree家族譜

  15. Block Diagram方塊圖

  16. Pie Diagram圓餅圖

  17. Target Diagram目標圖

  18. SWOT Diagram強弱危機分析

  19. Gear Diagram齒輪圖

  20. Circular Diagram循環圖

  21. Business Chart商業圖表

  22. Fashion Design時尚設計

  23. Swimlane Diagram泳道流程圖

  1. Workflow工作流程

  2. Value Stream Mapping價值流程圖

  3. Audit Diagram審計圖

  4. TQM Diagram全面品質管理

  5. Directional Map地圖

  6. Geo Map地質圖

  7. Scientific Illustration科學插圖

  8. Gantt Chart甘特圖

  9. Timeline時間軸

  10. Matrix Scheme矩陣列圖

  11. Calendar Mark行事曆標記

  12. PERT Chart網路分析法圖表

  13. Web Diagram網路圖

  14. UML Diagram統一建模語言

  15. ERD Diagram實體聯繫模式圖

  16. Data Flow Diagram資料流程圖

  17. Six Sigma Diagrams六標準差

  18. Home Floor

  19. Business Form商務表

  20. Flyer Design傳單設計

  21. Business Card名片

  22. Windows UI Design

  23. IDEF Diagram程序模型整合

  • Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

  • 256 MB of RAM, 20 MB of hard disk space

  • Pentium® III, 750MHz processor

  • 1,024 x 768 or better monitor resolution

  • Mouse and keyboard