DEA-Solver-PRO DEA-Solver-PRO

DEA-Solver Pro 15 資料包絡分析軟體

DEA-Solver Pro 15是一套群昱公司代理的資料包絡分析軟體,近年來已經有很多使用資料包絡分析(Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA)來評估許多不同種類實體效益的多種應用,在很多不同背景的國家中從事不同的活動。一個原因是,因為經常有未知的複雜因素,很多活動牽扯到多次輸入和輸出之間的關係,DEA已經提供對解決這些情況的可能性。借著各式各樣的輸入和輸出(包括把"社會"和"安全網"的支出當作輸入數 據,把各種方面的"生活品質"當做輸出資料)。此軟體的使用非常容易,計算速度也很快,報表的輸出也很完整。

分類: 決策分析軟體

Recent years have seen a great variety of applications of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) for use in evaluating the performance of many different kinds of entities engaged in many different activities in many different contexts in many different countries. One reason is that DEA has opened up possibilities for use in cases which have been resistant to other approaches because of the complex (often unknown) nature of the relations between the multiple inputs and multiple outputs involved in many of these activities (which are often reported in non-commeasurable units). Examples include the maintenance activities of U.S. Air Force bases in different geographic locations, or police forces in England and Wales as well as performances of branch banks in Cyprus and Canada and the efficiency of universities in performing their education and research functions in the U.S., England and France. These kinds of applications extend to evaluating the performances of cities, regions and countries with many different kinds of inputs and outputs that include "social" and "safety-net" expenditures as inputs and various "quality-of-life" dimensions as outputs.

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