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DataNumen Outlook Repair 郵件修復工具

DataNumen Outlook Repair 是一套群昱公司代理的郵件修復工具,是一款修復Microsoft Outlook工具,包括郵件資訊、資料夾、郵件、約會、會議通知、連絡人、發佈清單、任務與任務邀請、日記和備忘錄等,它使用先進的技術掃瞄Outlook裡毀損的個人郵件活頁夾資料(.pst),並且修復錯誤,降低毀壞的程度。

分類: 資料保護

DataNumen Outlook Repair is the best Microsoft Outlook PST recovery tool in the world. It can repair the corrupt Outlook PST files and recover all emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks, notes, journals, posts, etc. in them as much as possible, thereby minimizing the loss in file corruption.

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  • DataNumen Outlook Repair is formerly called Advanced Outlook Repair.
  • For OST file recovery and OST to PST file conversion, please use DataNumen Exchange Recovery.

Best Recovery Guarantee®:
If any other PST repair tools can recover more data than DataNumen Outlook Repair, we will refund your order immediately! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Recover Much More than Our Competitors

Recovery rate is the most important criterion of an Outlook recovery product. Based on our comprehensive tests, DataNumen Outlook Repair has the best recovery rate, much more better than any other competitors, including Inbox Repair tool (scanpst) and other PST repair tools, in the market!

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Main Features in DataNumen Outlook Repair v5.3

  • Support to repair PST files on corrupted media, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMs, etc.
  • Support to repair a batch of corrupt PST files.
  • Support to find the location of the PST files to be repaired on the local computer, according to some search criteria.
  • Support to save the recovered PST file at any location, including the network attached drives recognized by the local computer.
  • Support integration with Windows Explorer, so you can start a PST repair task with the context menu of Windows Explorer easily.
  • Support drag & drop operations.
  • Support to repair a corrupt PST file via command line parameters.




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