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Concept Star 結構分析軟體

Concept Star是一套群昱公司代理的結構分析軟體,為 Windows 提供最實用的解釋結構建模 (ISM)軟體。它的設計基於多年的行政決策和組織問題的解決方面的實際諮詢經驗。是一款可以幫助您的組織規劃以及解決問題的工具軟體。

分類: 決策分析軟體

Concept Star is a general purpose problem solving, analysis, and decision support tool that works directly with ideas and concepts. It allows you to untangle a complex situation involving many interrelated issues or options, to develop new insights, and to create outstanding solutions.

It is useful for any complex planning, design or problem solving activity, whether you are working alone or facilitating a group session. Examples are:

  • Strategic Planning
    • Scenario Planning
    • Organizational mission statement
    • Long term goal setting
  • Complex Design Activities
    • Defining a new process
    • Feature prioritization for a complex new product
    • Selecting software features for a new product
    • Mars Rover Power distribution testing plan
    • Designing the user interface logic
    • Gaining New Insights by structured exploration
    • Designing a training course
  • Group Cooperative Problem Solving and Gaining New insights
    • Creating a set of actions to solve a complex organizational problem
    • Creating a common understanding and ownership between divergent disciplines (Buy-In) (e.g. technical staff and marketing)
  • Change Management
    • Understanding the scope of change
    • Developing a Shared Responsibility Map
  • Other Complex Activities
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Policy design and implementation decisions
    • Budgeting of limited resources
    • Selectiing technologies for investment
    • Creating a marketing plan
    • Personal Desktop analysis of issues and problems


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