AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 光碟選單及自動播放軟體 thumb

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 光碟選單及自動播放軟體

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5是一套群昱公司代理的光碟選單及自動播放軟體,一套簡單易用且功能強大的光碟互動式選單製作軟體,可以設定滑鼠指標在上的音效、背景音樂、自行輸入文字及圖片、插入影片檔,還有內建多個樣本供套用及修改。不需要會寫程式,就可以輕鬆建製精美、具專業水準,可自動播放的光碟!

分類: 影音製作軟體

AutoPlay Media Studio delivers on the promise of rapid application development. It’s perfect for making anything from autoplay CD/DVD/USB menus and utilities to games and interactive multimedia applications – complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.

  • Software Creation that’s Drag and Drop Easy
  • Visual Software Development for Windows
  • 20+ Visual Objects = Rapid Software Development
  • Easy Scripting Language with 865+ Built-in Actions
  • Expandable with AutoPlay Plugins and Addons
  • Not Just Dependable: Battle Hardened
  • Windows 10 Ready!

Best of all, you don’t need to learn any coding — and you can get started using it right now, for FREE without any obligation!


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