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Grapecity ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 軟體開發元件

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise是一套群昱公司代理的軟體開發元件,幾個平臺,數以百計的功能豐富的控制項,使.NET 開發容易,包括WinForms、WPF、Silverlight、ASP.NET WebFroms、MVC、Windows Phone、Compact Framework和ActiveX應用程式,不管您是Windows、Web 還是XAML開發人員,皆可使用。

分類: 元件開發軟體

Your development needs for today and tomorrow are covered. ComponentOne Studio is a control set that spans all Visual Studio platforms including WinForms, WPF, WinRT, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and even ActiveX. Controls share a common framework, so developing in different platforms costs you no learning time.

Grids & Data Management
Choose from a variety of bound and unbound customizable grids. You also get a set of tools that help you connect to and manage data.

Data Visualization
Create meaningful data summaries with pivot tables, charts, maps, and Sparklines.

Reporting and Document Generation
Create data-based reports and other documents from your applications.

Create Microsoft Outlook®-style scheduling applications and calendars with appointment editing and multiple views.

Input & Editing
Create forms for input, editing, and validation of any type of data including number, text, HTML, and dates.

Navigation & Layout
Provide a touch-friendly and professional user experience with Windows and web interface components.

Theme your applications, add touch support, add spell checkers, create bar codes, and more with Studio’s helper utilities and controls.

Royalty Free Subscription Licensing Model
ComponentOne Studio's licensing model keeps your costs low. Each license includes a one-year renewable subscription that delivers free updates during that year. Studio is also licensed per developer, so you're also free to distribute applications created with Studio controls without royalty or additional licensing costs.